Experience Puglia in the Green

Boara Resort is a property immersed in the unspoiled nature of Puglia, on the green hills of the Murgia, between Noci and Mottola.

Our resort will offer you the unique experience of the tranquility and authenticity of rural Puglia life, with all the comforts of a modern facility with a swimming pool and wooden homes immersed in the green of nature.

Wooden eco lodges for natural relaxation

Our wooden lodges are designed to allow our guests to experience a close connection with nature without sacrificing any comfort.

Each lodge is immersed in its own private area, ensuring the privacy and tranquility of our guests during their stay.

Resort services

Boara Resort offers resort services to ensure that your breaks with nature are as comfortable as possible.

You can cool off in our large outdoor pool, surrounded by a large patio with comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas, and a bar corner, where you can enjoy delicious cocktails and regional wines to accompany a rich selection of fruits, products, and recipes from our Puglia, always fresh depending on the season.

A Horseback Ride through the Woods of Apulia's Trulli

For animal enthusiasts, the Boara Resort also offers the opportunity to experience contact with the horses from its breeding program. You can learn to get to know them, feed them, brush them, and accompany them on their walks within the estate enclosures. Moreover, upon request, it will be possible to take short rides on horseback to explore the surroundings or immerse yourself in the beauty of the woods that surround the property.

In this way, you will experience the tranquility of a horseback ride, listening to the song of birds and uncovering the hidden secrets of the enchanting landscape of our hilly Apulia region.

Learning Old-fashioned Recipes and Products

For food lovers, on the other hand, the Boara Resort can arrange, upon request, enogastronomic experiences featuring only the best products and recipes from our land: Let's learn how to make "orecchiette" pasta, Let's knead the focaccia, The art of "panzerotti" turnovers, "cicorielle" greens and wild edible herbs from the Murgia region: these are just a few of the experiences you can enjoy at our facility.

Through tasting sessions and cooking classes rooted in the oldest Puglian tradition, you'll have the chance to partake in authentic and, above all, palate-enticing experiences with true zero-kilometer ingredients.


55 sqm

up to 4 people

outdoor pool

outdoor patio